Lyric video

When it's all gone

From this month on we want to try to upload a lyric video from one of the songs of the album Joy! monthly.

We want to give a small background about the songs without going into detail to much.

We want to keep the lyrics open for the listeners own interpertation and situation, so they can find strenght and recognition in them.

The first song is called ‘When it's all gone’,

I wrote this song in a time of prosperity.

It asks us the question if we can also praise God in times of need, or only in times of prosperity. Can we hold on to Him when we are tested in what ever way or situation that someone might be in.

It's often easy to have strong faith in these times but what if everything you have is gone.

If you want to know the whole story of the album and about our own times of need , then check out the album or come back for the next video next month.

The lyrics for When it's all gone  can be found here.

This song can be listened on Spotify and I-tunes