Lyric video

When it's all gone

Well, the third monthly lyric video from one of the songs of my debutalbum Joy! is finished.


It's titled Martha or Mary.

I wrote this when I just had my first baby,

I really had trouble finding time to spent with God because I was so busy nursing my newborn.

With this song I do not mean that you can't work and serve God. Ofcourse you can.

There are more then one way to do so, but it's also important to spent quality time with Him to work on a good relation.

Just like Mary did and like Jesus said.

I hope you enjoy the song and the video. That it will encourage you to think about your own time, and how you spent, or could spent it.

We hope You enjoy the song and dthevideo

Our main goal is to praise God in al,l and to strengthen and uplift people with our music.


The lyrics for Martha or Mary  can be found here.


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