Lyric video


Yet another video finished.

This time for the song Jerusalem.

This song is very special since it's inpired by a dream that I had.

I was with a group of people and we wanted to travel to Jerusalem.

Along with us was a sort of tour guide. A small and bold middleaged man :).

He sended me and my daughter up front to explore the situation.

It should be very easy,

we just had to follow the river and make sure not to get distracted by anything.

So along we went, we followed the river trough a majestic landscape.

The first thinge we came along on our way were toys. I saw the tricycle I had as a child and all kind of other toys.

We looked at it for a while but walked on.

Soon after we came along bowls full of jewelry, gold, diamonds etcetera..

Again we stayed to look at it, longer then with the toys but again we walked on after a while. Following the river although the river was getting smaller.

Finally  we came in a sort of large shoping mall, in wich many people were wandering around with empty shopping carts.

Walking from one sale to the other but their carts stayed empty.

There was so much to see and soon we were walking with the other people.

And then, we lost the river, It was gone.

So we had to go back, searching for the river and as we found it we finally  came back at the tour guide, He did'nt understand why we got lost. He said, It was so easy, all you had to was follow the river, or did you get distracted on the way?

No ofcourse not, we answered in shame.

The man said, are you sure.

Because I've seen eveything.

This dream made a great impression on me.

And when I tell about it I still get shivers all over.

I really hope you like the song and the video we made along it.

We make all our videos by our self and with free material. This time we want to thank some people in person for letting us use their material.

Adrawos Bassous and Ariel Zukerman. Thank you for your generosity

and for letting us use your footage.

Wjhat a blessing to find people

who are this helpfull.

Beloved greetings