Lyric video


This is the last video before summer vacation. In september or october we will continue with the eight song of the album Joy!

This lyric video is for the song Choises.

This song is about the choises we get

as a christian in our lives.

Everybody has moments in their lives in which you can ask yourself the question if it is right or wrong.

Does it fit with what I believe in.

Is this from God

or is it something that I want myself

For every individual this if different, this song is not about the difference in how you act as a christian in your live. I mean, every christian has his own lifestyle which he or she finds fitting with their faith. That is something very personal and we respect all.

There is no judgement in this song. It's in general about what happens to us in everyday life. We all get in situations in which we are tempted or in which we could ask ourselfs

if it is what God wants from us.

That we can pray to Him and ask for wisdom and strenght in this situations

That you will search the answer you are looking for with God so you know what to do or to get strentgh to stay strong