Forfilled prayer


It's been a while since we posted something new, but we did'nt do nothing in that period. In fact a lot has happened so time for an update.

A lot of wonderfull thing are bound to happen.

We have a lot of new material waiting for new songs so we are really busy writing and composing.

Next in getting a chance to sing in some beautifull Christmas services in december we were busy recording a brand new Christmas song and video.

We got the great opportunity to work with GlobalRize, an organization who brings the gospel trough the internet. Their facebookpage Biblword is used to spread the word of God worldwide.

GlobalRize and we are going to make new music videos together to bring te gospel to the people

with the help of our music on their

social media network.

There will be old songs with new footage, but also new songs like the one for Christmas.

A great chance for us to bring out our new songs and even better, help in bringing the message of hope into the world, which is our main goal with our music. The same goal as GlobalRize.

It's very expensive to make good new quality music. Especially since it's all hobby for us and mostly charitywork done out of or own pockets.

We were really praying for a way how to move onwards, had it on our hearts to keep writing and bringing the gospel and then this came along.

This is truly a forfilled prayer for us for which we are very greatfull.  A true miracle.

Thank You God!